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Page 28 February 24, 2012 PRODUCT SPOTLIGHT Specialty Racks & Accessories Product Description Black Box ClimateCab NEMA 12 Cabinets Black Box ClimateCab NEMA 12 Wallmount Cabinets Black Box’s ClimateCab enclosures offer climate-con- trolled protection that lets you install servers without the need for additional cooling or costly infrastructure. These full-sized cabinets come configured for servers or datacom equipment and feature a welded 12-gauge steel frame with integral struts.  ClimateCab NEMA 12 Wallmount Cabinets from Black Box are the answer when you need to install a small amount of rackmount equipment in less-than-ideal condi- tions. These secure cabinets provide a compact way to protect and cool sensitive components.  Rated for protection against falling dirt; circulating dust, lint, and debris; and dripping or splashing liq- uids in indoor environments  Full-sized cabinet with 42U of racking space  Available with 12-24 or M6 rails Choose from models with 6,000 BTU or 8,500 BTU air-conditioning units  40-inch depth accommodates most servers  NEMA 12 rated for protection against falling dirt; circulating dust, lint, and debris; and dripping or splashing liquids in indoor environments  Compact wallmount design saves space  Single- or double-hinged  Choose from a cabinet with a fan or an 800 BTU air- conditioning unit  Best For: Equipment protection in hot, dirty environ- ments such as factory floors.  Best For: Housing servers in remote locations without cooling infrastructure.  The Emcor IBC Kit is designed to anchor existing Emcor® enclosure frames, meeting life safety require- ments for protecting building occupants from falling objects in the event of an earthquake as outlined in the IBC (International Building Code). Each kit contains four frame spacers and four seismic brackets that require the appropriate concrete anchoring hardware to meet local codes. Crenlo’s engineers can work directly with customers and/or their engineers to provide site- specific installation recommendations. Anchors Emcor® enclosure frames in sizes up to 45U Meets IBC (International Building Code) requirements Offers customized installation recommendations Best For: Use in non-essential facilities where compli- ance with IBC is required. Price: $999.95 to $2,795.95  Price: $4,499.95 to $5,499.95  Emcor® IBC Kit From Crenlo Contact: (877) 877-2269 | Contact: (507) 287-3535 | Contact: (877) 877-2269 | Product Description iStarUSA Group Claytek WSM-960 9U 600mm Depth Rackmount Server Cabinet OCC Procyon Data Center Cabinet Rackmount Solutions Air Conditioned Server Cabinet & Soundproof Server Rack With a supported chassis depth of up to 23 inches, the rugged, shockmount-style WSM-960 server cabinet from iStar Group’s Claytek division features a patented anti- vibration design with an industrial spring located under the cabinet post cage. OCC’s Procyon solu- tions have been care- fully constructed and offer a complete system approach that is rarely seen in the industry. As a solution that allows individual components to work better when com- bined with complementary elements, Procyon acces- sories complement the integral components of the line and enhance the performance, functionality, and versatility of the system. Rackmount Solutions’ Air Conditioned Server Cabinets have built-in A/C units with 4K, 7K, 10K, or 20K BTUs to protect equipment in warm or dirty environments. Units are available from 14 to 48U, with depths from 24 to 42 inch- es. Soundproof Server Racks from Rackmount Solutions reduce external sound up to 28.5dB while dispersing inter- nal heat loads up to 7kW. Built-in casters make it easy to move these servers to another area when the need arises. The Soundproof Server Racks are available in active and passive versions and in 24U and 42U sizes.  Gilled side panel air vents Portable handle included Optional front and rear covers and optional casters Universal approach fits most rackmount chassis and equipment Best For: High-risk and rugged IPC environments. Contact: (888) 989-1189 | Provides mounting, storage, power, and cooling features Structural integrity and modular design provide flex- ibility and adaptability Keeps equipment and cabling organized, powered, and cool Provides selective degrees of security Best For: Any equipment room, MDF, central office, or processing facility. Contact: (800) 622-7711 | Air Conditioned Server Cabinet protects expensive equipment from overheating, works like a refrigerator with a condensate pan, and can be paired with a rack- mount or side-mount A/C for more space  Soundproof Server Racks decrease noise up to 28.5dB(A), which is the equivalent of taking freeway noise levels down to library-quiet. Also disperses up to 7kW of heat. Employees can concentrate better, lead- ing to increased productivity and less physical strain from excessive noise Best For: Data centers and standalone applications with heat problems.  Price: Starts at $5,633 (Air Conditioned Server Rack) and $5,249 (Soundproof Server Rack) Contact: (866) 207-6631 |