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May 6, 2005 • Vol.27 Issue 18
Page(s) 15 in print issue

Keeping An Eye On The Enterprise
AdventNet Updates Its Web-Based Monitoring Solution

AdventNet ManageEngine Applications Manager 6 GA

Starts at $995 for a single user

Monitors application servers, databases, systems, services, and Web sites in a complex IT infrastructure

(888) 720-9500

It’s common knowledge that enterprise systems should be regularly monitored to ensure functionality and dependability. Technology and business managers know all too well that even just a few moments of downtime of a critical system or application can have an adverse impact on the company’s bottom line. With the release of ManageEngine Applications Manager 6 GA, AdventNet has provided system administrators and operators with a monitoring tool designed to proactively address enterprise needs.

“A reliable infrastructure is crucial for customer service, controlling costs, and maximizing productivity. Hence, it becomes essential for an enterprise to properly manage its IT infrastructure and applications,” said Hyther Nizam, product manager for AdventNet.

Using a Web-based graphical interface, Applications Manager is designed to detect frequent downtimes and delayed response times in application servers, databases, systems, services, and Web sites. With its ability to group diverse objects as a single entity, the console offers different views to monitor resource characteristics: Business Application, Monitor Templates, Alerts, and Reports. A separate view is provided for administrative operations. In addition, Applications Manager is designed to integrate with OpManager, AdventNet’s network management product.

Web site monitoring features URL monitoring, URL sequence monitoring for end-to-end verification of interactive transactions, and URL content monitoring to verify page content. WebLogic, WebSphere, JBoss, and Tomcat application servers are supported. In addition, Application Manager can also be configured to monitor custom applications via its support for building consoles for MX4J, JDK 1.5 (JMX 1.2), WebLogic, and JBoss.

Supporting Oracle, MySQL, and Microsoft SQL databases, Application Manager is capable of monitoring performance, availability, and usage statistics such as connection time and the number of user connections.

System monitoring features observation of system load, disk utilization, memory utilization, and CPU utilization on Solaris, Linux, and Windows platforms. Comprehensive management reports can also be generated.

Application Manager informs administrators of impending trouble through email, SMS, and forwardable SNMP traps. Custom scripts can be executed, as well. A root cause analysis of application and server difficulties can be generated, as can reports and graphs, to document performance and accomplish trend analysis.

Other products, such as Mercury Interactive’s SiteScope, NetIQ’s AppManager, and most notably Wily Tech’s Introscope with its component-level views, offer real-time application and back-end monitoring and management capabilities similar in scope to that of Applications Manager. NetIQ’s AppManager even offers VoIP management for Cisco Systems and Nortel Networks devices. None of the competition, however, presents a pricing methodology as unique as that offered by AdventNet. Application Manager is available in two editions: a free version that can monitor up to 10 instances and a Professional Edition for enterprise usage.

by Joseph Pasquini
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