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January 14, 2011 • Vol.33 Issue 1
Page(s) 23 in print issue

Simplified Regulatory Compliance
NetWrix Change Reporter Suite Keeps Tabs On Your Infrastructure
What do you really know about your IT infrastructure? Do you know enough to be sure that you’re in compliance with various regulatory and industry mandates? Do you know, for example, who deleted an Exchange mailbox? Or who accessed, changed, or deleted files from your file server?

The secret to compliance is change auditing: utilizing tools to track changes across your entire IT infrastructure.

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Provides automated tracking and reporting of all critical changes in the entire IT infrastructure.

“Change auditing has been an increasingly integral part of both internal security measures and external compliance efforts for more than a decade, but changing circumstances in today’s modern business culture continue to keep the practice relevant,” says NetWrix Product Manager Stephen M. Schimmel. “Auditors expect IT administrators to be aware of all changes occurring within their given IT infrastructures and to be able to prove their awareness, as well.”

NetWrix Change Reporter Suite provides complete and concise IT infrastructure change auditing capabilities in one integrated suite. The suite monitors all modifications made across the entire infrastructure, including changes made to Active Directory, Exchange, group policy, file servers and appliances, SQL Server, virtual machines (both VMware and System Center Virtual Machine Manager), Windows Services, and SharePoint.

Knowledge is power. “It is impossible to adhere to regulatory compliance auditors without accurate change auditing,” Schimmel says. “Likewise, accurate change auditing is a major step necessary to maintain regulatory compliance.”

Being in compliance requires sustained visibility into all types of infrastructure changes. NetWrix Change Reporter Suite gives you that comprehensive visibility—quickly, easily, and affordably.

by Rod Scher
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