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Cover   |    October 31, 2014

A Next-Generation Platform For Power Distribution Units

Server Technology's PRO2 platform is a brand new architecture that's ideal any place where reliability and uptime are important, particularly in high-density, high-temperature, and high-security applications.

Server Technology
Phone: (775) 284-2000
Featured Product   |    October 31, 2014

Multifunctional Conferencing

Onstream Meetings & Webinars offer intuitive, easy to use, and secure SaaS-based applications for online collaboration and video conferencing. Learn about all the ways you can use Onstream's capabilities.

Onstream Media
Phone: (877) 932-3400
Featured Product   |    October 31, 2014

A Launch Pad For Asset Management, Power & Environmental Monitoring

The Raritan PX3 PDU solves concerns about saving energy, boosting uptime, and improving monitoring and metering with patent-pending relay technology, best-in-class design, and a new controller design.

Raritan Americas, Inc., Americas Headquarters
Phone: (732) 764-8886
Featured Product   |    October 03, 2014

Intelligent Physical Security To Protect Data From Insider Threats

IDenticard's RACK ARMOR access control solution restricts and monitors access to server rack cabinets. Relying on features such as dynamic mapping, alarm acknowledgement, and video integration, RACK ARMOR gives you an added layer of security.

IDenticard Access Control
Phone: (855) 367-4721

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Photo Listing   |    October 31, 2014

HotLava System- 2x40GbE Ethernet Adapter

HotLava System’s dual and triple-port 40 gigabit Ethernet NICs delivers ultimate bandwidth performance by incorporating two or three independent Mellanox ConnectX-3 40GbE controllers and fully utilizing the bandwidth capability of Gen 3.0 PCI Express arch

Photo Listing   |    October 17, 2014


Like new 2005 Olympian D80PF 80kW generator with 192 hours. 60HZ, 208/120 volt, 3-phase, 400-amp

Phone: (802) 655-5040
Photo Listing   |    October 31, 2014

2006 Cummins 500KW

500KW standby, 455KW prime, Cummins QSX15-G9 dsl, 755hp at 1800 rpm, EPA tier 2, 266 hrs, 800 amp main-line circuit breaker, weather enclosure, 850 gal tank

Aaron Equipment Company, Inc.
Phone: 6304485022
Photo Listing   |    October 31, 2014


ReadyRACKS™ - Factory-assembled integrated rack and power solutions. Single pallet shipment combines UPS backup power, distribution, environmental monitoring and communication capabilities.

Photo Listing   |    October 31, 2014

ClimateCab Cabinets

Climate-controlled, self-contained cabinets for industrial, remote, harsh environments

Photo Listing   |    October 31, 2014


Helps to improve energy efficiency and reduce bypass airflow by sealing cutouts in the raised floor. Best selling brush grommet since 2001.

Upsite Technologies Inc.
Phone: (505) 798-0215
Photo Listing   |    October 31, 2014

Batt-Safe™ Battery Monitor

Low cost, easy to integrate, string-level battery monitor. PATENTED thermal runaway protection. Use this breakthrough product to meet the IFC608 spec.

Photo Listing   |    October 31, 2014

APC Symmetra Model: SY80K80F N+1

Complete system - UPS - External Battery Cabinet - Maintenance Bypass/ PDU - 80 kW Output

Somerset Power Systems
Phone: (855) 773-6377

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News   |    October 31, 2014

MarketPlace News

The latest data center industry news and statistics, including: changes in battery technology and charging, Internet of Things will change security plans, and SDN is exiting the hype stage.

Six Quick Tips   |    October 31, 2014

Managing Data Center & Supplier Service Levels

Instead of being primarily responsible for implementing and managing hardware and software, traditional IT roles will now expand to help meet customer demands.

Six Quick Tips   |    October 31, 2014

Decide The Best Approach To Secure Mobile Devices

There are two primary approaches to securing applications on mobile devices: application containerization and application wrapping. We hear from the experts about the pros and cons of these options.

Six Quick Tips   |    October 31, 2014

Find The Right Hardware For Virtualization Demands

For all the positives that virtualization can enable, if a deployment isn’t carefully planned and implemented, the list of headaches to deal with afterward can be just as sizable.

Six Quick Tips   |    October 31, 2014

Ensure Electrical Reliability

With data centers consuming massive amounts of electricity, it's time to consider what you can do to protect the quality and consistency of power flowing through your data center.

How To   |    October 31, 2014

Decide Whether To Build Or Not To Build

Control is a primary consideration in deciding to build new data center space. Modular data centers can offer more flexibility and less capital investment. Find out if building a new data center will be a strategic differentiator for your company.

How To   |    October 31, 2014

Build A Business Case For Social Initiatives

Social collaboration in the enterprise has already moved beyond the adoption and customization phases. In fact, social initiatives are colliding head-on with enterprise business development.

How To   |    October 31, 2014

Plan For Expanding Enterprise Storage

Even after consolidating and deduplicating stores of data, you’ll likely come to a point at which you simply need to expand available storage. Determining when and how you should do this can add another level of decision making.

How To   |    October 31, 2014

Understand Security Risks From A Business Perspective

The full responsibility of risk management shouldn’t fall on one department, but should be a company-wide initiative. The first step is to better understand risk, both from the IT and business perspectives, and then work together to solve problems.

How To   |    October 31, 2014

Use The Cloud For App Development & Testing

If you don’t have the necessary resources available to you or are trying to find ways to cut costs while still building apps in-house, you may want to consider moving development and testing to the cloud.

How To   |    October 31, 2014

Make Sure You’re Ready For Software-Defined Networking

Software-defined networking as it stands enables a higher level of network automation, which will in turn increase efficiency across applications and storage overall. Learn how SDNs will have an impact on future data center operations.

Buying Tips   |    October 31, 2014

Buyting Tips: Security

Making security purchases isn't a one-and-done process. Instead, you must weight the pros and cons of the latest technologies, so you can determine what your enterprise needs.

Buying Tips   |    October 31, 2014

Buying Tips: PDUs

Power distribution units are one of the most integral components of a modern data center infrastructure, but it can be easy to make a mistake when purchasing new units. Here’s how to make sure you have the best protection for your environment.

Upcoming IT Events   |    October 31, 2014

Upcoming IT Events

Network with your peers at these upcoming IT training and association meetings across the United States.