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Cover   |    January 23, 2015

Load Balancing Made Simple

Server Technology alternating phase technology simplifies load balancing, making things easier for the installer by alternating the power phases on a per-outlet, rather than per-branch basis.

Server Technology
Phone: (775) 284-2000
Company To Watch   |    January 23, 2015

Albér Hosts Battcon 2015

Albér, the oldest and largest manufacturer of battery test and monitoring equipment for the standby battery market, is hosting the Battcon Stationary Battery Conference.

Featured Product   |    January 23, 2015

Improve Cooling Efficiency

Optimize your data center airflow with Purkay Labs' AUDIT-BUDDY portable temperature and humidity monitor. Characterize aisles, confirm problem zones, and fix cooling issues.

Featured Product   |    January 23, 2015

Environmental Monitoring Without The Need To Plug In To The Network

The $145 AVTECH Room Alert 3 Wi-Fi is ideal for areas that require a small footprint and have no network connection.

AVTECH Software Inc.
Phone: (401) 628-1600
Featured Product   |    January 23, 2015

Redesigning The IP KVM Switch For High-Performance Applications

The Raritan Dominion® KX III has some impressive features under its sleek exterior, including 1,920 x 1,080 HD resolution, Web-based BIOS-level access and control, and FIPS 140-2 encryption.

Raritan Americas, Inc., Americas Headquarters
Phone: (732) 764-8886
Featured Product   |    January 23, 2015

Find & Solve Airflow Issues

Applied Math Modeling CoolSim helps you optimize airflow management, which is key to extending equipment life, managing costs, and running systems efficiently.

Applied Math Modeling Inc.
Phone: (603) 369-3793
Featured Product   |    January 23, 2015

A One-Box Monitoring Tool

Kentix offers complete monitoring in one box, using multi-sensor technology for temperature, humidity, fire, access, power, and more. Prices start at $600.

Kentix Innovative Security
Phone: (973) 398-3835

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Photo Listing   |    January 23, 2015

AisleLok Modular Containment

Reduction of supply airflow volume. Prevents hot air recirculation from back-to-front over the top of the racks and from wrapping around the end of rows.

Photo Listing   |    January 23, 2015

Upsite AisleLok Modular Containment

A number of misconceptions could mean your aisle containment implementation will lack the results you expect. Follow these tips and advice from Upsite Technologies.

Upsite Technologies Inc.
Phone: (888) 982-7800
Photo Listing   |    January 23, 2015

ContainAire by Tate

Tate's ContainAire product line is the optimum aisle containment solution. Easy to install and modify, our products offer valuable energy saving opportunities.

Photo Listing   |    January 23, 2015

Custom PDUs

Any voltage, current or size available. Contact us for customized design options, ruggedized PDUs, and commercial-off-the-shelf.

Phone: (714) 632-5005
Photo Listing   |    January 23, 2015

HotLava System- 2x40GbE Ethernet Adapter

HotLava System’s dual and triple-port 40 gigabit Ethernet NICs delivers ultimate bandwidth performance by incorporating two or three independent Mellanox ConnectX-3 40GbE controllers and fully utilizing the bandwidth capability of Gen 3.0 PCI Express arch

Photo Listing   |    January 23, 2015

ClimateCab Cabinets

Climate-controlled, self-contained cabinets for industrial, remote, harsh environments

Photo Listing   |    January 23, 2015


2U 24 SFF Bay SAS 12G JBOD. Single or dual expander modules, dual fans and redundant power supply in short-depth design.

Photo Listing   |    January 23, 2015

Improve Performance for BGP Deployments

The BGPproxy™ platforms increase productivity through faster network connectivity for business critical applications and reduce costs by delaying costly bandwidth upgrades through the full utilization of existing bandwidth resources. The BGPproxy appl

Phone: (888) 997-6237
Photo Listing   |    January 09, 2015

STARLINE Track Busway

Customizable, flexible, power distribution. Available with a variety of sizes, plug-in units and applications. Ideal for Data Centers.

Universal Electric Corp
Phone: (800) 245-6378

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News   |    January 23, 2015

MarketPlace News

The latest data center industry news and statistics, including businesses not sure what to do about cybercrime, companies contemplate wireless network strategies, and CIOS need a clearer plan.

Six Quick Tips   |    January 23, 2015

What Abandoned Data Is Costing Your Company

Data that’s taking up space within an organization but serving no purpose is costing the enterprise, especially when it comes to the storage and management resources such data requires.

Six Quick Tips   |    January 23, 2015

Why All Data Centers Need Environmental Monitoring

Some enterprises take a “later than sooner” approach to environmental monitoring, but realistically every company should be performing basic environmental monitoring.

Six Quick Tips   |    January 23, 2015

Match Application Needs & Infrastructure Capabilities

Balancing application performance and the needed infrastructure can be a difficult task, but one that IT teams can achieve if they simply understand their application requirements better and match them to the proper servers and solutions.

Six Quick Tips   |    January 23, 2015

Get Serious About A Secure File Transfer Strategy

The managed file transfer (MFT) market and cloud solutions in general are moving toward greater business integration. Here's what experts advise.

Six Quick Tips   |    January 23, 2015

Explore The Argument For Flash-Based Storage

Some enterprises have already adopted flash storage successfully, but there are a lot of different scenarios in which flash-based storage can be deployed. First determine where you need to speed things up and then make a decision.

How To   |    January 23, 2015

Re-evaluate Server Security

It’s important to re-evaluate both the physical and logical security of your servers from time to time, this way you can measure your risks and be proactive about your access control defenses.

How To   |    January 23, 2015

Choose & Implement A Videoconference Solution

Thanks to a move toward WebRTC and mobile technologies, incorporating videoconferencing into your UC system is a more streamlined process than in the past.

How To   |    January 23, 2015

Why Upkeep Of UPS Batteries Matters

For productivity, revenue, business disruption, and numerous other reasons, consistent UPS battery maintenance is vital, as is the ability to troubleshoot problems when they arise.

How To   |    January 23, 2015

Undergo A Successful IT Reorganization

The key to following through on a successful IT reorganization is to not simply focus on the goals you hope to achieve in terms of cost savings or increases in efficiency, but to remember you're working with humans and personalities.

How To   |    January 23, 2015

Reap The Business Benefits Of The Internet Of Things

By now you should at least be somewhat familiar with the Internet of Things (IoT). But how can these connected devices help your business?

Buying Tips   |    January 23, 2015

Buyting Tips: Security

Making security purchases isn't a one-and-done process. Instead, you must weight the pros and cons of the latest technologies, so you can determine what your enterprise needs.

Buying Tips   |    January 23, 2015

Buying Tips: KVMs

KVMs aren’t simply for data centers or purely used the domain of IT these days. Where there are server or PCS, you’ll find KVMs. Find out who to use for technical resources and start taking note of your must-have features.

Buying Tips   |    January 23, 2015

Buying Tips: Data Center Furniture

In a high-duty area such as an enterprise or data center, you need furniture that’s both functional and durable. Here’s what to keep in mind as you’re comparing options.

Buying Tips   |    January 23, 2015

Buying Tips: Environmental Monitoring Equipment

There's a lot that can go into selecting environmental monitoring equipment that's the best fit for your enterprise. Know your goals and vulnerabilities, first of all, and learn from experience.

Upcoming IT Events   |    January 23, 2015

Upcoming IT Events

Network with your peers at these upcoming IT training and association meetings across the United States.