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Cover   |    April 17, 2015

Revenue-Grade Power Monitoring

The newest version of the Starline Critical Power Monitor (CPM) minimizes the footprint needed within the Starline Track Busway plug-in units, thus maximizing the plug density options for the installation.

Universal Electric Corp
Phone: (800) 245-6378
Case Study   |    April 17, 2015

The Physical Security You Need

WireCrafters Server Cages limit and control equipment access while allowing for passage of air cooling and fire suppression. Panels come in one-foot increments from one to 10 feet wide and heights of four and five feet.

WireCrafters LLC
Phone: (502) 363-6691
Featured Product   |    April 17, 2015

Advanced File Sharing

GoDrive is an on-premise solution that provides Enterprise File Sync and Sharing (EFSS) services for enterprise employees and their partners.

Phone: (402) 334-7513
Featured Product   |    April 17, 2015

Improve The Performance & Scalability Of BGP Deployments

XRoads Networks' BGPproxy appliance has one simple purpose: to improve the performance and scalability of existing BGP deployments. Its patented features optimize your bandwidth and redundancy.

Phone: (888) 997-6237
Featured Product   |    April 17, 2015

Ensuring Secure Communication

3CX Phone System takes advantage of WebRTC, which offers video and voice communication from anywhere using a Web browser. It uses a number of protocols and features to ensure authentication, encryption, and secure communications.

Photo Listings

Photo Listing   |    April 17, 2015

Upsite Technologies KoldLok

Helps to improve energy efficiency and reduce bypass airflow by sealing raised-floor cutouts. Best selling brush grommet since 2001.

Upsite Technologies Inc.
Phone: (505) 798-0200
Photo Listing   |    April 17, 2015

ClimateCab Cabinets

Climate-controlled, self-contained cabinets for industrial, remote, harsh environments

Photo Listing   |    April 17, 2015


2U 24 SFF Bay SAS 12G JBOD. Single or dual expander modules, dual fans and redundant power supply in short-depth design.

Photo Listing   |    April 17, 2015

BACS Battery Monitoring & Conditioning System

Extends the service life of UPS batteries (7-10yrs VRLA’s, 15-20yrs wet cells). 50% lower TCO than PM’s .

Photo Listing   |    April 17, 2015

M2 Optics SwitchLight

SwitchLight All-Optical Switch for Network Monitoring. Up to two each 1xN optical switches for easily routing a selected signal to analysis device.

Photo Listing   |    April 03, 2015

Batt-Safe™ Battery Monitor

Low cost, easy to integrate, string-level battery monitor. PATENTED thermal runaway protection. Use this breakthrough product to meet the IFC608 spec.

Photo Listing   |    April 03, 2015


Locks your C13 & C19 power cords in place with unique patented locking mechanism.

Phone: (817) 842-9090
Photo Listing   |    April 03, 2015

STARLINE Critical Power Monitor (CPM)

Allows you to monitor, integrate and display more data center power information easily and reliably.

Universal Electric Corp
Phone: (800) 245-6378
Photo Listing   |    April 03, 2015

HotLava System- 2x40GbE Ethernet Adapter

HotLava System’s dual and triple-port 40 gigabit Ethernet NICs delivers ultimate bandwidth performance by incorporating two or three independent Mellanox ConnectX-3 40GbE controllers and fully utilizing the bandwidth capability of Gen 3.0 PCI Express arch

Photo Listing   |    April 03, 2015

24VDC & 48VDC Datacom Power Systems

Integrated Remote Communication Package. Easy, Manageable Monitor Screen. Quick Check LED Indications.

SBC Data Power
Phone: (949) 646-8191
Photo Listing   |    April 03, 2015

Lift-4 Equipment Lifter

Provides a data center solution to easily install computers and other equipment. Lift up to 300 pounds up to 72 inches.

Phone: (800) 686-5312
Photo Listing   |    April 03, 2015

TEMP-COOL® portable air conditioners

Manufactured in the USA. Air-cooled, water-cooled and heat pump varieties available. Perfect for planned or emergency heat sensitive equipment cooling.

Photo Listing   |    March 06, 2015

Modular Aisle Containment

The Upsite AisleLok system includes doors and baffles that fit most common cabinet sizes; it's modular design secures to racks and cabinets via magnetic attachments.

Upsite Technologies Inc.
Phone: (888) 982-7800
Photo Listing   |    March 06, 2015

Custom PDUs

Any voltage, current or size available. Contact us for customized design options, ruggedized PDUs, and commercial-off-the-shelf.

Phone: (714) 632-5005
Photo Listing   |    March 06, 2015

AisleLok Modular Containment

Reduction of supply airflow volume. Prevents hot air recirculation from back-to-front over the top of the racks and from wrapping around the end of rows.

Photo Listing   |    March 06, 2015

Green Revolution Cooling's CarnotJet System

Green Revolution Cooling's oil-immersion server cooling technology eliminates CRACs and CRAHs, thereby reducing cooling energy by 95% while cutting build costs by 60%.

Green Revolution Cooling, Inc.
Phone: (512) 692-8003

General Content

News   |    April 17, 2015

MarketPlace News

The latest data center industry news and statistics, including: IoT opportunities are all about data; most app downloads are free; and the cloud may be viable, but it isn't always a top consideration.

Six Quick Tips   |    April 17, 2015

What To Look For In An Enterprise Firewall

What's next in the security industry: the rise of the next-generation firewall or NGFW. Read on to get the details.

Six Quick Tips   |    April 17, 2015

Buy & Maintain A Backup Generator

Backup generators are still viable for a number of scenarios. Here is some expert advice regarding purchasing, testing and maintenance, and other areas concerning backup generators.

Six Quick Tips   |    April 17, 2015

Setting The Record Straight About Cloud Computing

Don't let cloud-related myths and misconceptions prevent you from taking advantage of a rapidly growing store of third-party resources for your enterprise.

Six Quick Tips   |    April 17, 2015

Current & Future Trends In Network Cabling

It’s as important as ever to have a firm grasp of prevailing cabling trends and burgeoning technologies and how to properly prepare for cabling requirements in the face of upgrades or outfitting a new data center.

Six Quick Tips   |    April 17, 2015

The Value Of Obtaining IT Training & Certifications

Does the time, effort, and expense involved in obtaining the certifications and training pay off? It depends on your career path and goals.

Six Quick Tips   |    April 17, 2015

Strategies For Cloud Backup, Archiving & DR

Consider three relevant use cases for the cloud: backup, archiving, and disaster recovery. Even though there are many fees involved with managed services, more than ever before, cloud capacity is becoming more affordable.

How To   |    April 17, 2015

Evaluate The Security Of Providers & Contractors

What happens when you connect to a service provider or have a contractor who has to physically interact with your infrastructure? You have to evaluate whether a provider’s security practices are up to your standards and make sure you have policies in plac

How To   |    April 17, 2015

Optimize Your Wireless Network

To truly optimize your network and make sure your users are getting the best possible experience, you have to put tools in place that help you monitor the network, pinpoint and solve performance issues, and better manage traffic flows across your various

How To   |    April 17, 2015

Better Manage Enterprise BYOD Strategies & Solutions

Here's a look at the steps companies can take to create new BYOD policies and ensure the effectiveness of mobile security protocols, along with other relevant BYOD best practices.

How To   |    April 17, 2015

Make DRaaS Work For Your Company

Disaster recovery as a service (DRaaS) is one option to help avoid putting the process on the back burner. The DRaaS model allows an enterprise to turn over its disaster recovery to third-party management, hosted in the private or public cloud.

Buying Tips   |    April 17, 2015

Buying Tips: Smartphones

Smartphones are increasingly considered a must-have device for workers, especially those who travel. Is your workforce equipped with the right mobile tools to get the job done?

Buying Tips   |    April 17, 2015

Buying Tips: Tablets

Standard tablet or convertible? Compact or large form factor? Popular or up-and-coming platform? These are just a few of the questions decision makers must answer when rolling out tablets in the enterprise.

Buying Tips   |    April 17, 2015

Buying Tips: Data Center Cooling

Are you efficiently cooling your data center? Or have you been adding new equipment without reassessing how well you're maintaining computer room airflow?

Buying Tips   |    April 17, 2015

Buying Tips: KVMs

KVMs aren’t simply for data centers or purely used the domain of IT these days. Where there are server or PCS, you’ll find KVMs. Find out who to use for technical resources and start taking note of your must-have features.