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Cover   |    August 22, 2014

More Outlets In A Smaller Space, Now In 60-Amp

Server Technology's new 60-amp, three-phase Delta 208V High Density Outlet Technology product fills out the Server Technology Smart family of PDUs and the four most common voltage, phase, and current categories

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News   |    August 22, 2014

MarketPlace News

The latest data center industry news and statistics, including: mobile usage among healthcare professionals, PC market revival statistics, and the reasons why tech projects fail at the government level.

How To   |    August 22, 2014

Re-examine The Case For Deploying DCIM

Enterprises are increasingly adopting DCIM solutions, so it's important to have a handle on what kind of tools are available to your team. Consider how you can combine what you already have with new equipment to optimize your environment.

Buying Tips   |    August 22, 2014

Buying Tips: Data Center Racks & Cabinets

Proper racks and cabinets are important building blocks for an efficient data center infrastructure, which means you'll want to do your homework before you implement any updates or replacements.

Six Quick Tips   |    August 22, 2014

Explore The Argument For Flash-Based Storage

Some enterprises have already adopted flash storage successfully, but there are a lot of different scenarios in which flash-based storage can be deployed. First determine where you need to speed things up and then make a decision.

How To   |    August 22, 2014

Combine Your Data & Storage Networks

It's now possible to combine your SAN and LAN and run them over the same network and equipment. Although the benefits may be obvious (running one network), there are challenges to address as well.

Six Quick Tips   |    August 22, 2014

What You Need To Know About Tin Whiskers

Not to be confused with zinc whiskers, tin whiskers form when there are compressive stresses in tin plating on component leads. These whiskers can ultimately cause component failure.

Six Quick Tips   |    August 22, 2014

Demystify The Concept Of Application Containerization

A newer technology called containerization could make your applications so flexible they can run in almost any environment you can imagine without necessarily needing help from outside infrastructure.

Six Quick Tips   |    August 22, 2014

Make Sense Of Mobile Device Strategies

A noticeable shift is taking place in the enterprise mobile market, which means there is no time like the present to refresh yourself, your IT leaders, and your workforce on the developing mobile device strategies making an impact.

How To   |    August 22, 2014

Boost Your Security Awareness Training

You can invest in the latest feature-laden security software solutions and roll out every layer of protection possible, but these defenses may not protect your company from a negligent or uninformed user who makes a wrong decision.

How To   |    August 22, 2014

Take A Look At Disaster Recovery As A Service

The concept of disaster recovery as a service has been around for years, but cloud service providers are just getting into it. The need is fairly clear.

How To   |    August 22, 2014

Make The Most Of Enterprise Virtualization

Taking advantage of virtualization involves much more than consolidating a few servers and improving server efficiency. You have to think outside the box to receive all the benefits virtualization has to offer.

How To   |    August 22, 2014

Use Discovery Tools To Cut Hardware & Software Costs

Many enterprises still discover their hardware/software assets manually before logging them in a spreadsheet, missing out on cost savings, optimization, compliance, and auditing opportunities.

Six Quick Tips   |    August 22, 2014

Cost-Saving Ideas For Unified Communications

Despite the positives of implementing a unified communications solution, some enterprises find doing so negatively impacts their finances in ways they didn’t anticipate. But there are ways to save costs when implementing UC.

Buying Tips   |    August 22, 2014

Buying Tips: Colocation Services

So you’ve decided to look into data center colocation. The first step in selecting a provider is to determine what your true costs are so you can make an apples-to-apples comparison of services. Here are other things you need to consider.