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When you need a power supply, chances are Xeal has it or can make it for you, whether it’s 100 watts to 2,000 watts, switching or redundancy, or for a 1U to 9U server.

iStarUSA Group
Phone: (626) 303-8885
Featured Product   |    June 26, 2015

Little To No Downtime

The new high-availability storage servers from AIC operate in an active/active configuration where instances and requests are managed concurrently by both nodes. If one of the nodes fails, the backup node immediately takes over.

It is possible to have a ceiling system that looks aesthetically appealing but is still adaptable and easy to configure and install with maximum load carrying capacity. The Armstrong Prelude XL Max proves it.

Armstrong World Industries
Phone: (877) 276-7876
Featured Product   |    June 26, 2015

Five Steps To DCIM Success

You know the benefits your data center stands to gain from DCIM. Now, take note of these five steps to ensure that your DCIM deployment is a success.

Raritan Americas, Inc., Americas Headquarters
Phone: (732) 764-8886
Featured Product   |    June 12, 2015

Cabinet-Level Access Control

Cabinet security is about more than just securing the doors—it’s about knowing who has opened the cabinet, what they did, and, perhaps most importantly, controlling who should even have access to that cabinet.

Austin Hughes Solutions
Phone: (510) 471-0880
Featured Product   |    June 12, 2015

Keep Up With The Growing Need For Unified Communications

If you haven’t already upgraded your outdated PBX infrastructure, or at least started looking at options, you could be falling behind. Business phone systems such as 3CX Phone System are much more than simply a way to make calls.

Featured Product   |    June 12, 2015

Upgrading Older KVM Switches

If you’ve owned your current KVM switches for longer than five years, you may be missing out on critical features that can increase your MTTR, uptime, and productivity and boost your security.

Raritan Americas, Inc., Americas Headquarters
Phone: (732) 764-8886
Cover   |    June 12, 2015

One Stop For All Your Rack Needs

With all of its offerings—both racks and containment solutions, including sliding and swing aisle doors and drop-away ceilings—AMCO has become a leader in the data center industry in just a matter of a few years.

IMS/AMCO Enclosures
Phone: (847) 391-8200

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Photo Listing   |    June 26, 2015

TEMP-COOL® portable air conditioners

Manufactured in the USA. Air-cooled, water-cooled and heat pump varieties available. Perfect for planned or emergency heat sensitive equipment cooling.

Photo Listing   |    June 26, 2015

HotLava System- 2x40GbE Ethernet Adapter

HotLava System’s dual and triple-port 40 gigabit Ethernet NICs deliver ultimate bandwidth performance by incorporating two or three independent Mellanox ConnectX-3 40GbE controllers and fully utilizing the bandwidth capability of Gen 3.0 PCI Express archi

HotLava Systems
Phone: (510) 531-1169

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News   |    June 26, 2015

MarketPlace News

The latest data center industry news and statistics, including: what's driving security spending, concerns in the semiconductor market, and the value of digital signage.

How To   |    June 26, 2015

Prepare For An All-Flash Data Center

As the TCO for flash-based storage continues to drop and companies see the performance benefits solid-state drives offer for many use cases, the idea of moving toward an all-flash environment doesn’t seem far-fetched.

Six Quick Tips   |    June 26, 2015

The Importance Of Doubling Down On Enterprise Security Protection

Most people agree that applications and the data they process are the most precious assets enterprises have. Protecting applications, though, requires a combination of both application- and network-level security.

How To   |    June 26, 2015

Spot The Newest & Best Server Trends

Finding the right server for your environment isn’t all that easy because of the countless combinations of technologies, features, and components from an increasing number of manufacturers all worthy of your attention.

How To   |    June 26, 2015

Choose Collaboration Devices & Tools

Although unified communications and collaboration tools have always been designed to improve user productivity, modern UCC tools are optimized for mobile and social aspects of business applications to fit the flexible work style of today’s workforce.

Six Quick Tips   |    June 26, 2015

How Cloud Computing Is Changing Network Monitoring

Cloud adoption often adds a level complexity to network monitoring because moving applications out of the internal data center alters how network admins track performance, latency, and other key details.

Six Quick Tips   |    June 26, 2015

The Benefits & Risks Of Shadow IT

Employees who try to find their own solutions to perceived problems are almost always trying to help. The key for IT is to understand why users are doing this, investigate, and then determine what IT can do to meet business needs.

Six Quick Tips   |    June 26, 2015

DCIM Done Right

Although there are many benefits from installing a DCIM solution, you have to make sure you use the features and tools properly and take advantage of the most helpful capabilities.

How To   |    June 26, 2015

Conduct A Security Risk Assessment

As you’re working through your security to-do list, it’s easy to chalk up the task of a regular security risk assessment as being too time-consuming and lacking relevance. But that couldn’t be further from the truth.

Six Quick Tips   |    June 26, 2015

Mistakes To Avoid In Data Center Cooling

When was the last time you inspected your cooling system? Have you properly maintained the cooling towers? How often do you walk the data center floor to take temperature readings? Here are some tips and advice to minimize the chances of failure.

Six Quick Tips   |    June 12, 2015

What To Watch When Performing An Enterprise Server Refresh

Know the trends and technologies that are impacting how companies implement an enterprise server refresh.

How To   |    June 12, 2015

Judge Your Preparedness For Power-Related Emergencies

Data centers must be prepared to handle worst-case-scenario situations that could take down local/regional physical power infrastructure in the long term.

News   |    June 12, 2015

MarketPlace News

The latest data center industry news and statistics, including: stats on the growth of the CDO position; changes that edge computing will bring; and what's happening in the cloud IaaS market.

Six Quick Tips   |    June 12, 2015

Accurate & Effective Data Center Planning

Don't let the growth of your data center outpace the thoroughness of your scaling plan. Be aware of under-provisioning as well as over-provisioning resources, and if you need to, get assistance and hold meets during which stakeholders can contribute.

Make sure your applications—and all of their necessary components—are properly backed up so you can get your business up and running much more quickly.

Six Quick Tips   |    June 12, 2015

Artificial Intelligence In The Data Center

With advancements and innovations in artificial intelligence on the horizon, it’s critical to take a look at what they might mean for your data center operations.

There are plenty of pitfalls associated with using passwords and nothing else. Experts can provide advice to help organizations move away from this method of authentication. The following covers the why and the how.

Six Quick Tips   |    June 12, 2015

Desktop-as-a-Service vs. Virtual Desktop Infrastructure

Both VDI and desktop-as-a-service offer their own advantages and disadvantages, but the decision ultimately depends on how much responsibility you want to take on as well as which option will give users the most seamless experience.

Six Quick Tips   |    June 12, 2015

Better Understand The Changes SDN Could Bring To Your Data Center

Experts have been touting software-defined networking (SDN) and its potential to dramatically revamp network operations for years. But adopting SDN entails various challenges and changes in and out of the data center and with employees.

Photo Listing   |    June 12, 2015

Server Cages

Limit and control access. Panels come in 1-foot increments from 1’ to 10’ wide and in heights of 4’ and 5’ and can be reconfigured as needs change.

WireCrafters LLC
Phone: (502) 363-6691
Photo Listing   |    June 12, 2015

Lift-4 Equipment Lifter

Provides a data center solution to easily install computers and other equipment. Lift up to 300 pounds up to 72 inches.

Phone: (800) 686-5312
Photo Listing   |    June 12, 2015

ClimateCab Cabinets

Climate-controlled, self-contained cabinets that protect delicate electronics from heat, dirt, moisture, and tampering.