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Cover   |    August 08, 2014

Buying Equipment Is About More Than The Lowest Price

Not all product manufacturers take the same approach to designing and building their equipment, and price can’t be the overriding factor in your purchases. You also need to consider controls, TCO, and the total value.

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Six Quick Tips   |    August 08, 2014

Must-Have Tools & Features For Your Security Arsenal

Anitvirus is important, but it's not enough to protect against the threats any given enterprise will encounter these days. Advanced solutions are now essential in order to detect zero-days, Trojans, and other unanticipated vulnerabilities.

Six Quick Tips   |    August 08, 2014

Balance IT Management, Maintenance & The Cloud

What will happen when traditional IT management and maintenance tasks no longer exist because of the transition to the cloud? Understand the pros and cons associated with new cloud-based operations and older IT processes.

Six Quick Tips   |    August 08, 2014

Better Monitor & Manage Remote Sites

With cloud-based technologies becoming safer and easier to use, more companies are expanding to remote sites. This means learning how to manage a remote site with care equal to what you provide your on-site workforce.

Six Quick Tips   |    August 08, 2014

What’s Current Concerning The VoIP & PBX Markets

IT managers should be aware of the VoIP and PBX trends making a difference in workplace productivity, so read on to make informed decisions about infrastructure and telecom upgrades.

News   |    August 08, 2014

MarketPlace News

The latest data center industry news and statistics, including: modest gains seen in IT spending, tablet market declines, and much installed software is not licensed.

Six Quick Tips   |    August 08, 2014

Assess Your Enterprise’s Cloud-Readiness

Moving to the cloud involves focused strategy and commitment to building, managing, and governing a cloud ecosystem consisting of the enterprise, service providers, and vendors. This is why it’s paramount to conduct a cloud-readiness assessment.

How To   |    August 08, 2014

Avoid Overcooling The Data Center

The key to data center efficiency is to maintain the proper operating temperature for your equipment without overcooling or undercooling, which means you need to monitor the environment and then take the necessary steps to fix the problem.

Six Quick Tips   |    August 08, 2014

Evaluate & Implement Biometric Technologies

Biometrics may not be a silver bullet, and, as always, buyers need to do their homework before jumping on this particular bandwagon. As with all technologies, there are things to think about before making any rash moves.

Six Quick Tips   |    August 08, 2014

Current & Future Trends In Network Cabling

It’s as important as ever to have a firm grasp of prevailing cabling trends and burgeoning technologies and how to properly prepare for cabling requirements in the face of upgrades or outfitting a new data center.

Buying Tips   |    August 08, 2014

Buying Tips: PDUs

Power distribution units are one of the most integral components of a modern data center infrastructure, but it can be easy to make a mistake when purchasing new units. Here’s how to make sure you have the best protection for your environment.

Buying Tips   |    August 08, 2014

Buying Tips: Fire Protection

Fire protection is about much more than just the systems you put in place to detect and suppress data center fires--you need to take steps to avoid fires to start with. But having an adequate fire detection and suppression system is always essential. Here

How To   |    August 08, 2014

Move A Data Center

Data center moves are often complex and difficult. For the move to go as smoothly as possible, you need to think ahead and have the pieces in place before you start the process of physically moving equipment.

How To   |    August 08, 2014

Find & Eliminate Ghost Servers

One estimate based on a server consuming 400W of power and costing about $800 per year suggests companies spend more than $24 billion annually on such servers. Obviously, finding ghost servers is important for these reasons and others.

How To   |    August 08, 2014

Manage Solid-State Drives Alongside Existing Storage

Now that SSD implementation is increasing, enterprises are managing a mixed environment of both flash and traditional storage. Strategy is critical for efficiently managing your storage environment; here’s a look at some recommended best practices.

Upcoming IT Events   |    August 08, 2014

Upcoming IT Events

Network with your peers at these upcoming IT training and association meetings across the United States.

Buying Tips   |    August 08, 2014

Buying Tips: Servers

When is it time to buy new servers? Knowing what features you need, your budget, and new and upcoming trends is a good place to start.

Buying Tips   |    August 08, 2014

Buying Tips: Data Center Cleaning Services

You likely can’t rely solely on your janitorial staff to clean your data center. What tasks should you hire a professional to do? And how do know the provider can get the job done quickly and with little inconvenience?