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Cover   |    February 20, 2015

Power Cables & Equipment With Accurate, On-Time Delivery

When Hunt Electric, a St. Paul, Minnesota,-based design build electrical contracting firm, helped a company upgrade to a Tier 3 design, it relied on PDU Cables for the products it needed.

Company To Watch   |    February 20, 2015

Custom Servers & Storage

AIC was founded in Taiwan in 1996 and now has a complete in-house design and engineer team specializing in custom-designed server and storage chassis.

Featured Product   |    February 20, 2015

Dramatically Reduce Vulnerability To Physical Attack In The Data Center

db Cabinet Sentry, a compact control unit from Digitus Biometrics designed to defend systems against physical breaches, helps safeguard data and ultimately provides an effective and efficient way to secure access to server cabinets.

Digitus Biometrics
Phone: (912) 231-8175
Featured Product   |    February 20, 2015

Platform Metering For Facilities & Equipment

You can simplify your current hodge-podge of power meters through Platform Metering—using a common platform that ties back to a single software system to monitor facilities around the world.

TrendPoint Systems Inc.
Phone: (888) 363-7787
Featured Product   |    February 20, 2015

Improve Mobility, Customer Service Through The Use Of Softphones

3CX Phone System integrates softphone clients for Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS, so users can manage their phone calls easily whether using CTI and a desk phone or on the road using the built-in softphone.

Featured Product   |    February 20, 2015

Reinventing Rack Transfer Switches

The Raritan Intelligent Rack Transfer Switch uses electromechanical relays and silicon-controlled rectifiers and offers outlet-level metering and switching and the ability to share data with Raritan’s DCIM solution.

Raritan Americas, Inc., Americas Headquarters
Phone: (732) 764-8886

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Photo Listing   |    January 23, 2015

HotLava System- 2x40GbE Ethernet Adapter

HotLava System’s dual and triple-port 40 gigabit Ethernet NICs delivers ultimate bandwidth performance by incorporating two or three independent Mellanox ConnectX-3 40GbE controllers and fully utilizing the bandwidth capability of Gen 3.0 PCI Express arch

Photo Listing   |    February 06, 2015

AisleLok Modular Containment

Reduction of supply airflow volume. Prevents hot air recirculation from back-to-front over the top of the racks and from wrapping around the end of rows.

Photo Listing   |    February 06, 2015

IBC™ Brand Cleaners

Keep your network infrastructures running clean. Single-fiber and Multifiber. MTP®, MPO, LC, SC, specialty connectors and more.

Photo Listing   |    February 06, 2015

STARLINE Critical Power Monitor (CPM)

Allows you to monitor, integrate and display more data center power information easily and reliably.

Universal Electric Corp
Phone: (800) 245-6378
Photo Listing   |    February 06, 2015

Dynamic V8

Air Cleaners remove ultrafines, odors, VOCs from indoor air and/or ventilation air without the energy penalty. Service life averages 3-4 years.

Dynamic Air Quality Solutions
Phone: (800) 578-7873
Photo Listing   |    February 06, 2015

Lift-4 Equipment Lifter

Provides a data center solution to easily install computers and other equipment. Lift up to 350 pounds up to 60 inches.

Phone: (800) 686-5312
Photo Listing   |    February 06, 2015

Server Cages

Limit and control access. Panels come in 1-foot increments from 1’ to 10’ wide and in heights of 4’ and 5’ and can be reconfigured as needs change.

Photo Listing   |    January 23, 2015

Custom PDUs

Any voltage, current or size available. Contact us for customized design options, ruggedized PDUs, and commercial-off-the-shelf.

Phone: (714) 632-5005
Photo Listing   |    January 23, 2015

ClimateCab Cabinets

Climate-controlled, self-contained cabinets for industrial, remote, harsh environments

Photo Listing   |    January 23, 2015

Improve Performance for BGP Deployments

The BGPproxy™ platforms increase productivity through faster network connectivity for business critical applications and reduce costs by delaying costly bandwidth upgrades through the full utilization of existing bandwidth resources. The BGPproxy appl

Phone: (888) 997-6237
Photo Listing   |    December 26, 2014


AC power control via a web browser. No software installation is required. EMI/RFI filtering, built-in surge and spike suppression UL approved.

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News   |    February 20, 2015

MarketPlace News

The latest data center industry news and statistics, including: IT hiring to be a challenge this year, smart glasses set for growth in enterprise use, and online companies improving authentication.

Six Quick Tips   |    February 20, 2015

Clean Your Data Center

Cleaning isn’t something you can put off, and it shouldn’t be focused around just one specific event such as a remodel. It's time to put a plan in place so you're data center gets a regular cleaning.

Six Quick Tips   |    February 20, 2015

Should You Keep Your Data Center Warmer?

Should I raise the temperature in my data center? And, if so, what’s the ideal temperature? Get the answers to these questions and more considerations in this read.

Six Quick Tips   |    February 20, 2015

Avoid Mistakes In Planning Your Data Center Space

To prevent data center infrastructure headaches, you must focus your efforts on planning space utilization from the start. But there are plenty of obstacles and pitfalls that can trip you up.

Six Quick Tips   |    February 20, 2015

Is Now The Right Time To Buy Cyber Insurance?

Enterprise leaders are seriously considering cyber insurance primarily because of increasingly sophisticated cyber attacks; more major data breach occurrences; and the devastating costs that can result from things such as lawsuits, customer notifications,

Six Quick Tips   |    February 20, 2015

Best Practices For Managing & Securing Enterprise Tablets

You may already be dealing with some the obvious issues that can arise with tablet management (such as poor user choices and lack of device visibility), but here is a look at a broad range of risks to consider.

Six Quick Tips   |    February 20, 2015

Take Precautions To Thwart IT Equipment Theft

Some theft is arguably unavoidable in the sense that if a criminal wants something, he’ll find a way to steal it, but there are tools, technologies, policies, education, and practices organizations can implement as effective measures.

How To   |    February 20, 2015

Improve Your Network Administration Skills

Consider how vendors, public forums, and communities can help you gain new network skills and overcome the challenges that arise from the current networking landscape.

How To   |    February 20, 2015

Manage A Hybrid IT Infrastructure Effectively

For most enterprises, hybrid IT will be their data center architecture for years to come. Successfully operating a hybrid environment poses numerous challenges, however.

How To   |    February 20, 2015

Quickly Detect & Avoid Hard Drive Failures

The key to properly detecting drive failures and preventing those failures from having a major impact on performance and uptime is to put a lot of planning in place ahead of time and to also make sure your drives are properly maintained and used for the r

How To   |    February 20, 2015

Develop A Better Plan For Email Management

When it comes to managing corporate email, you have to consider what’s safe and efficient for your company as a whole. The following explores various email management strategies, common challenges, and advice for improving email management overall.

Buying Tips   |    February 20, 2015

Buying Tips: Servers

When it comes to purchasing a new server, there are a number of considerations data center managers must keep in mind. Among these are power needs, the design of your computer room, and management features.

Buying Tips   |    February 20, 2015

Buying Tips: Equipment Recycling & Disposal

Recycling and disposing of data center equipment is all about knowing what you have in house, understanding the processes, choosing how you'll destroy data, and whether liquidation is an option.

Buying Tips   |    February 20, 2015

Buying Tips: Cable & Airflow Management

Poor cable management leads to performance problems and issues with troubleshooting and airflow. Here is what you need to know.

Buying Tips   |    February 20, 2015

Buying Tips: Flooring & Accessories

Choosing the right flooring provides a stable, efficiently cooled data center. Here’s what to look for.