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October 5, 2007 • Vol.29 Issue 40
Page(s) 15 in print issue

Product Releases


Digital View released the HE-1400 and HE-1600 COTS LCD controllers for harsh conditions. Digital View is targeting these controllers at LCD manufacturers that are building displays for military and industrial environments. The HE-1400 offers a calculated MTBF above 200,000 hours. The HE-1600 offers a calculated MTBF above 150,000 hours. The RoHS-compliant devices have military specification resin coatings and support temperatures of -40 to +80 degrees Celsius. They have power supplies that offer 12VDC ±25% tolerance and low-mass capacitors. Manufacturers can choose from several accessories, including an audio amplifier, an inverter interface board, an OSD membrane kit, an OSD button board, and an IR remote control. Digital View can also provide customization options for OEMs. The HE-1400 supports LVDS and TTL panels. It supports 4:3 panels up to SXGA resolution and 6:9 panels up to WXGA resolution and has an integrated controller that includes DVI and ARGB inputs. The HE-1600 offers DVI, dual VGA, Composite Video, S-Video, and Component Video in 4:3 and 16:9 formats and has a buffered, multisync interface controller. The controller offers an analog and digital connection to TFT panels up to UXGA. It also supports Digital View’s serial port protocol, which lets builders control functions via an RS-232 port.

Fujitsu announced the availability of the palm-sized LifeBook U810 mini convertible notebook. Weighing 1.56 pounds with a 5.6-inch LED backlit display, this notebook can function as a traditional notebook with an ultra-slim QWERTY keyboard or as a handheld Tablet PC with a touchscreen for finger or pen input. The LifeBook U810 notebook incorporates the energy-efficient Ultra Low Power Intel A110 processor and delivers up to 5.5 hours of computing time with a standard 4-cell battery. The LifeBook U810 notebook comes with Windows Vista Home Premium, Windows Vista Business, or Windows XP Tablet PC Edition 2005. For security, this notebook has Trusted Platform Module support, two-level BIO lock, and a fingerprint sensor. The LifeBook U810 also features an integrated camera, an SD Card reader, and a CF slot. An optional docking station is available.

IBM announced IBM Lotus Symphony, a suite of free software utilities that lets users create and share documents, spreadsheets, and presentations without having to worry about software licensing, royalty fees, or platform incompatibility. The collaboration software consists of three applications: Lotus Symphony Documents, Lotus Symphony Spreadsheets, and Lotus Symphony Presentations. Supported on both Windows and Linux platforms, IBM’s Lotus Symphony lets users work with Microsoft Office documents and Open Document Format files. The free application also lets users create documents and output them as PDF files.

Lanier is targeting its latest network-enabled four-in-one digital imaging system at small offices. The AC230n is a black-and-white printer that also offers digital copying, color scanning, and faxing features. The AC230n provides TWAIN scanning at resolutions up to 4,800 x 4,800 dpi. The scanner can capture a document in 1.4 seconds. Users have several document distribution choices, including Scan-to-Folder, Scan-to-USB, and Scan-to-Email. The printer also includes a SmarThru4 utility that lets users remotely manage scanned files. The printer’s faxing feature can scan pages at three seconds per page. It has a 30-number one-touch dial feature, and the speed-dial memory holds another 240 numbers. The printer feature can print 30ppm. The AC230n includes a front-facing USB 2.0 port that lets users save scanned files to flash drives or print documents directly from flash drives. The AC230n has a 550-sheet paper capacity and 50-sheet ADF (automatic document feeder). The printer supports pages up to 8.5 inches wide by 14 inches high, and the control panel supports 16 languages.

Lenovo has unveiled two desktop PCs, the ThinkCentre M57 and M57p, along with a 22-inch widescreen WUXGA resolution monitor, the ThinkVision L220x Wide. The ThinkCentre M57p includes the latest Intel vPro processor, and the M57 has a quad-core Intel Core 2 Quad processor. Additionally, the ThinkCentre M57p offers Active Management Technology 3.0 from Intel, allowing PC remote management to power a PC when the operating system or hard drive is inoperable or the PC is turned off, and supports the latest WS-MAN and DASH(2) standards. The ThinkVision L220x Wide monitor boasts 178-degree horizontal and vertical wide viewing and 103 pixels-per-inch dot density.

Metrologic Instruments has released the MS1890 Focus, an industrial-grade handheld area imager. It's designed to provide scanning performance in harsh environments and to withstand 2-meter falls. The MS1890 Focus is an IP54-related omnidirectional imager that accurately implements applications for retail back-of-store, manufacturing, transportation, and logistics. It presents FirstFlash technology, allowing it to perform well in decoding all standard barcodes, including damaged and worn codes and codes wrapped in clear plastic. It also has Code Select technology, offering the imager the ability to capture up to seven barcodes in just one flash and then decode them in any predetermined order. Additionally, the MS1890 Focus includes TotalFreedom, an open-system architecture which gives users the ability to develop value-added custom application modules embedded into the imager instead of the host.

Oki Data Americas announced the availability of the C8800 Series digital color printers. With a footprint up to 38% smaller than comparable tabloid printers, the C8800 will reduce the cost, complexity, and space requirements for wide-format printing. Standard features of the C8800 series include color tabloid (11 x 17 inches) and unique banner (11 x 47.25 inches) capability, fast print speeds of 26ppm in color and 32ppm in black and white, HD Color technology, and the ability to print directly from PDF files without the need for source applications. The Series includes three models: C8800n (network capability standard for $2,399), C8800dn (duplex and network capabilities standard for $2,689), and C8800dtn (duplex and network capabilities and extra paper tray standard for $3,079).

Ricoh launched the Aficio SP 3200SF digital imaging system. The Aficio SP 3200SF is a desktop, network-ready, black-and-white laser printer with digital copying, full-color scanning, faxing, and document distribution features. It can print up to 30ppm. The Aficio SP 3200SF offers full-color TWAIN scanning up to 4,800 x 4,800 dpi. It also has integrated document distribution features such as Scan-to-Email, Scan-to-Folder, and Scan-to-USB. Utilizing SmarThru4, a flexible, icon-based utility, users can easily manage scanned files and access other features remotely. The Aficio SP 3200SF transmits facsimile documents at three seconds per page scanning and offers users 30 One-Touch Dials and 240 Speed Dials for speedier distribution. A 550-sheet paper capacity and 50-Sheet Automatic Document Feeder accompany this device. The Aficio SP 3200SF can handle a wide variety of documents up to 8.5 x 14 inches. The device’s front-facing USB 2.0 port lets users print documents from a plugged-in flash drive or save scanned files to a memory stick.

Sage Software has announced Sage PFW ERP 5.6, the latest version of its business-management software. The latest version includes improvements to its business management, distribution, and manufacturing modules. Version 5.6 offers interface updates and performance optimizations, including new vendor status, customer status, and order hold features; Caption Hyperlinks; Increased Customer Address Field Sizes; a Find Historical Data option; and new templates. With Caption Hyperlinks, users can quickly access data by navigating links in file maintenance tables. Version 5.6 also provides tools for examining customers’ credit histories. The software has a three-tier architecture for better performance and security.

Savin has announced the SP 3200SF digital imaging system for small offices. The SP 3200SF is a network-ready monochrome laser printer that also includes digital copying, full-color scanning, faxing, and document distribution. It has a print speed of up to 30ppm and a scanning speed of 1.4 seconds per page. The SP 3200SF supports full-color TWAIN scanning at resolutions of up to 4,800 x 4,800 dpi. It also includes features such as Scan-to-Email, Scan-to-Folder, and Scan-to-USB. The SP 3200SF includes 30 One-Touch Dials and 240 Speed Dials. Finally, the printer has a 550-sheet paper capacity and a 50-sheet automatic document feeder. It supports documents up to 8.5 x 14 inches, and it has a front-facing USB port.

Xerox announced five multifunction products and printers, including two that make color printing as affordable as black and white. The product rollout includes the Xerox Phaser 8860 color printer and Xerox Phaser 8860MFP color multifunction printerthe first printers to feature the next generation of Xerox’s solid ink technology. By increasing the total number of color pages the ink sticks produce, Xerox has drastically reduced the price of color printing. Xerox also launched the Phaser 6180MFP color multifunction printer and the Xerox WorkCentre 7232 and WorkCentre 7242 color multifunction printers. The Xerox Phaser 6180MFP features a 400MHz processor, 384MB of memory, and a 950-sheet paper input capacity. Xerox’s WorkCentre 7232/7242 are entry-level, color-capable multifunction products. The systems offer two-sided copying and printing and a full range of color controls. Order taking for the WorkCentre 7242 begins next month, and order taking for the 7232 begins in January. The Phaser 6180MFP and Phaser 8860 color printer are available immediately, and the Phaser 8860 MFP will be available next month.

Messaging & Telephony

Ensim released its Unify Enterprise Edition comprehensive system management software for unified communications. Designed for midsized and large organizations, it supports Microsoft Active Directory, Exchange 2003/2007, and mobile applications. The software supplies a role-based Web portal and an extensible Web services API and offers automated provisioning, resource optimization, change management, delegated administration, and more.

Motorola announced the Motorola Centrellis 2000, a compact, two-slot Advanced-TCA server. The system is intended for smaller-scale and self-contained applications but is also designed to meet NEBS (Network Equipment Building System) requirements and be CP-TA (Communications Platform Trade Association) B.4-capable. The Centrellis 2000 features integrated power and shelf management and a front-to-rear cooling architecture.

SearchInform Technologies has announced MailSniffer 1.0. This software can halt malicious email traffic on a network protocol level. It indexes all intercepted messages and performs a search and analysis of each. Compared to the beta releases, Version 1.0 is improved due to its new working algorithm, as well as better stability and performance. Email interception is now a separate function from the program’s built-in search engine. MailSniffer 1.0 also can preview a recipient’s correspondence history, search full text with consideration to stemming, control employees’ correspondence, and differentiate between various users’ access privileges.

Networking & VPN

BluePhoenix Solutions is offering a solution for migrating mainframe customers from outdated or unsupported versions of COBOL to COBOL LE (Language Environment). Since IBM withdrew support for these older COBOL versions, organizations need to move toward LE-conforming environments in order to receive support for mission-critical systems. By migrating to LE-conforming environments, users will be able to implement newer technologies and architectures. The BluePhoenix solution is a service that identifies, upgrades, and recompiles non-LE-compliant modules through end-to-end service. Additionally, it analyzes existing source code and executables, providing a report of all modules and code requiring modification.

A new release of F5’s FirePass SSL VPN Controller supports so-called Web 2.0 functionality (including AJAX, Javascript, and Flash) and a broad selection of mobile devices (such as the iPhone) and OSes (such as Intel-based Mac OS X and 64-bit Vista). The secure remote access appliance also offers better portal access and application-ready remote access.

LANDesk Service Desk is now available in version 7.2. The enterprise software is now faster and features various improvements. It’s available as a standalone service delivery solution or in conjunction with LANDesk Management Suite and LANDesk Security Suite. New features include a Configuration Management Database for easier setup, better Vista support, computer telephony integration, and a common forms engine.

Microsoft has expanded on its business intelligence solutions by introducing Microsoft Office PerformancePoint Server 2007. This application is designed to help organizations increase performance through monitoring, analyzing, and planning their business using one integrated solution. It uses the Microsoft Office interface and consists of SQL Server, adding familiarity. It allows users the ability to build and manage plans, workflows, and rules, while remaining centrally controlled by IT. While suited to meet the needs and requirements of large organizations, it’s also affordable enough for small businesses.

NetSupport Limited released NetSupport DNA Helpdesk 2.7, software to help IT professionals at small to midsized organizations manage IT help desk calls. Version 2.7 includes email integration and active directory support along with an enhanced user interface. DNA Helpdesk 2.7 can integrate with a mail server, so that the server can routebased on preset rulesincoming emails automatically to a help desk operator. Additionally, the escalation process for open issues was modified to take into account help desk working hours and holidays. NetSupport DNA Helpdesk 2.7 also features the ability to automatically update user details from the active directory, as well as the option to store frequently used ticket searches.

Opsware released Opsware System 7, a suite of automation software that provides application-level control and visibility by automating domains across the data center, including servers, network, storage, and IT processes. Opsware System 7 includes Server Automation System 7, Network Automation System 7, Process Automation System 7, the Application Storage Automation System, Visual Application Manager 7 with cross-tier service visibility, a central OMDB (Operational Management Database), and the Opsware Network real-time service. The systems work together to identify dependencies, automate the management of changes, and assess change impact between the software components of the data center infrastructure. The suite automates process hand-offs between IT groups and other IT systems to automate each change operation across servers, networks, and storage.

Oracle announced the Oracle Business Process Analysis Suite, software that provides users the ability to model, publish, simulate, and optimize end-to-end business processes. The new version supports the BPMN and BPEL standards, and the Business Process Analysis Suite also features closed-loop support to improve collaboration between business analysts and IT. Business users can create and change business models in the Oracle Business Process Analysis Suite, while IT users can view and modify these processes in parallel using Oracle SOA Suite. IT users can make changes that are made visible to business users as proposals for improvements that can be incorporated into the model. Oracle Business Process Analysis Suite and Oracle SOA Suite support the common Process Blueprint format.

RadView Software has announced the release of WebLOAD Professional 8.1, which the company says gives enterprises that are using Oracle Forms the power of WebLOAD’s low TCO, as well as a multimedia add-on and enhanced SDK. The SDK enables enterprise testers to develop customized extensions for specific environments by writing code or creating new metadata definitions. The release also includes an add-on supporting the RTSP/RTP video-streaming protocol. Developers and testers can create composite scripts that mix textual, graphic, and streaming media objects.

SMC Networks has announced that its SMC Barricade N Draft 11n Gigabit Broadband Router (SMCWGBR14-N) and SMC EZ Connect N Draft 11n Wireless USB 2.0 Adapter (SMCWUSB-N) have received Wi-Fi Certified 802.11n draft 2.0 designations from the Wi-Fi Alliance. The company says it has received certification from the optional Wi-Fi Protected Setup program, which aims to ease setting up and configuring security in Wi-Fi networks. The SMCWGBR14-N provides all-in-one networking for high-speed cable or DSL Internet connections. The SMCWUSB-N provides 802.11n speed and coverage for connecting wirelessly to the network.

SoftLayer has released RescueLayer, software to automatically repair and restore servers after a crash or failure. RescueLayer allows administrators to reboot through RAM-disk Unix, Linux, or Windows PE with improved access to the rescue kernel. The program is designed for optimum access when restoring servers, enabling problems to be resolved quickly. Tools include PassMark tests, OS-specific repair utilities, and antivirus scanning.

Physical Infrastructure

New from Eaton are its Powerware Enclosure Power Distribution Units, or ePDUs, for data centers. Designed for blade servers, switchgear, network, and storage applications in mixed environments, the new ePDUs are set up in dual tiers of features and power capacity. The ePDUs also supply management, monitoring, and metering.


Aiko Solutions released SecuBox 1.3, software that prevents malicious users from stealing data that resides on Windows Mobile-based PDAs and smartphones. SecuBox 1.3 encrypts Word, Excel, and other documents and files with AES 256-bit encryption to prevent people from reading the data after stealing the smartphone. The software also offers DoD5220.22-M compliant data deletion to ensure that your erased data stays that way. The software also reduces stress on your SD card by optimizing the write process. SecuBox supports Windows Mobile 2002/2003/2003 SE/2005, Windows Mobile 5/6 Pocket PC and Smartphone editions, and Windows Smartphone 2002/2003/2003 SE.

AirTight Networks announced that SpectraGuard Enterprise, a wireless intrusion prevention system, now features WEPGuard software to block WEP cracking attacks and stop intruders from using spoofed identity and compromised WEP keys. With WEPGuard, SpectraGuard Enterprise provides visibility into passive cracking exposure of legacy systems using WEP to help customers accurately assess the risk. SpectraGuard Enterprise also helps retailers meet PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) 1.1 security requirements to protect networks and payment card data from wireless threats and risks. WEPGuard provides alerts when weak initialization vectors are detected in the data stream. Once the WEP cracking tools are used, the software blocks the WEP cracking attacks and locates the attacker. If the WEP keys are compromised, the proactive SpectraGuard Enterprise helps stop the intrusion.

Astaro announced the addition of ACR (Astaro Compliance Reporter) to its UTM (unified threat management) security products. ACR uses a questionnaire to assess risk and PCI compliance and works with Astaro’s other UTM products to produce a compliance report. According to Astaro, the ACR reduces employee training and offers an automated risk assessment program, which it updates monthly.

Breach Security announced version 3.0 of WebDefend, a firewall application with application defect detection capabilities. WebDefend 3.0 automatically identifies flaws in a Web application’s operations such as Web server failures, coding errors, leakage of database structures and source codes, poor session management, and missing or broken links. It creates reports for these problems in order for Web development teams to correct the issues. WebDefend 3.0 unites attack detection with defect detection, allowing security teams to defend programs from attack and ensure Web applications are operating correctly. New threats prevented by WebDefend 3.0 include comment spam, email injection, nonstandard user session usage, HTTP methods, and security scanner detection.

EMC introduced its RSA Card Manager, a software platform designed to organize and manage diverse credentials such as one-time passwords, digital certificates, and usernames and passwords. RSA Card Manager is targeted at midsized to large businesses using RSA Authentication Manager with SecurID two-factor authentication or planned public key infrastructure applications. The RSA Card Manager helps administrators enroll users and verify identities; install and secure credentials on devices; manage self-service requests; enable replacements and emergency access; and renew, suspend, and revoke credentials as necessary.

SafeNet introduced ProtectDrive 8.2, software that protects against data breaches while meeting both corporate governance and industry-specific compliance. ProtectDrive 8.2 encrypts hard drives and USB flash drives to protect data in the event of computer theft. Compliant with the PCI DSS, the software integrates with Microsoft’s Active Directory and supports ADAM (Active Directory Application Mode).

Secure Elements announced C5 Compliance Platform 3.3, which now includes improved NIST SCAP FISMA reporting, support for extensible asset data models, Web Services interoperability, and IPv6 support. According to Secure Elements, C5 Compliance Platform is the first product to work with NIST SCAP content to help federal government agencies meet the OMB Mandate. It also helps with compliance with NIST ISAP/SCAP initiative for auditing security configurations using OVAL, XCCDF, CPE, CVSS, CCE, and CVE. C5 Compliance Platform 3.3 has NIST SCAP-ready Sensors for Linux, Apple OS X, and Solaris.

Symark Software has announced PowerADvantage, an integrated authentication and configuration product that extends Active Directory’s centralized authentication, authorization, account access, policy enforcement, and infrastructure management functionality to Unix and Linux systems. The company says the product will reduce administration costs, improve security, and support compliance efforts through central management of user IDs, authentication, security policies, and automatic deployment of configuration settings. Symark says PowerADvantage inserts an agent on Unix and Linux machines to communicate with Active Directory’s domain controllers. During installation, the Unix/Linux host joins the domain, and the host routes authentication requests through PowerADvantage. Features include cross-platform unified logins, centralized storage, integration with Symark’s PowerBroker, and automated configuration settings deployment.


Supermicro has unveiled OfficeBlade, a server designed to be quiet and energy-efficient. Intended for departmental computing and personal supercomputing, the OfficeBlade features 10 DP blades with quad-core Xeon processors, a Gigabit Ethernet switch, and an efficient power supply. OfficeBlade is part of Supermicro’s new line of servers based on Intel Xeon and Core 2 processors.


ATTO Technology announced version 3.0 of its Xtend SAN iSCSI Initiator for Mac OS X. The Xtend SAN software allows Macintosh computers to use the iSCSI storage networking protocol so that Mac users can interoperably work with iSCSI applications, such as collaborative digital video/audio workflows, laptop connectivity to SANs, and remote backups. Version 3.0 also includes features for Challenge-Handshake Authentication Protocol support, Internet Storage Name Service support, and login redirect, which lets the Xtend SAN software redirect users to their intended targets in situations where the targets may not be available at the expected address.

EVault says that its new Unified Recovery is a fully integrated platform for physical and virtual environments. It supports VMware and Microsoft SharePoint and incorporates InfoStage 6 technology. EVault Unified Recovery supports replication and deduplication, too, and is available as SaaS or through licensing or managed service delivery.

FalconStor Software launched the certified FalconStor Continuous Data Protection Virtual Appliance for VMware Virtual Infrastructure. Designed for Intel’s quad-core Xeon processor-based Intel Storage Server SSR212MC2, the offering delivers continuous availability for mission-critical data, files, and systems in the event of hardware or software failures, whether the failure occurred on a physical or virtual machine.

Iomega launched several new NAS offerings designed for small to midsized enterprises. The Iomega StorCenter Pro NAS 200r 1TB Server and StorCenter Pro NAS 200r 1TB Server with Print Serving capability are four-drive models built for the data center. These two offerings support key Microsoft file services and retail for $1,899 and $2,499, respectively. Iomega’s desktop NAS offering, the StorCenter Pro NAS 150d 3TB Server, provides users with additional network storage with Active Directory support and is available for $1,699. Each server includes five client licenses for EMC Retrospect Express software, which provides automated data protection.

LaCie has announced its Little Disk family of storage devices, which incorporates a thin, lightweight form factor with features ideal for on-the-go mobility. The 1.8-inch LaCie Little Disk drives offer storage capacities of 30GB or 60GB, and the 2.5-inch models offer storage capacities ranging from 80 to 250GB. The LaCie Little Disk is driver-free and preformatted for one-step installation across all platforms. To connect the drive, you can use the integrated, extractable USB cable or, in the case of the 2.5-inch combo drive, one of two FireWire ports. The drives come with backup and synchronization software, and for added security, Windows users can protect their data with AES 128-bit encryption.

Pivot3 and Petards have announced plans to bring high-definition video storage products to the physical security market in an effort to simplify the deployment of large-scale video security systems for integrators and resellers. The companies have jointly tested their products’ field integration and unified support path, and both companies will provide joint training and customer support. Pivot3 has already demonstrated RAIGE (RAID Across Independent Gigabit Ethernet), a high-definition storage product optimized for large video-surveillance applications. Pivot3 says RAIGE reduces storage infrastructure costs by up to 50% while increasing scalability, performance, and data availability. Petards has demonstrated Universal Video Management System, a next-gen digital recording system.

Sans Digital has announced the Accu-NAS AN104LS, a storage appliance that supports the simultaneous use of NAS and iSCSI storage in a 1U rackmount. This latest model supports RAID 5 and does not require any additional hardware for IP storage. The AN104LS features an Intel Celeron D processor, and a Pentium Dual Core option is also available. The appliance has an installation wizard, Web-based management tools, and dual 10/100/1000. It also includes iSCSI target support for server-side iSCSI applications, iSCSI initiator support, NAS-to-NAS folder replication, scheduled and on-demand volume snapshots, and local tape backup support.

TeraCloud has announced TSF Client Scheduler, aimed at increasing storage productivity by automating SRM report scheduling, printing, and distribution for the company’s TSF Professional and Lite product lines. Scheduler will give administrators the opportunity to automate routing reporting tasks and lessen research time. Additionally, Scheduler can blend disparate reports, graphs, and text from distributed and mainframe environments into one customizable report. Other key features include automatic, full-featured scheduling of any generated report; reports with historical and trending capabilities; and results emailed to internal and external addresses.

Verari Systems has released a blade-based server and storage system, the SB5255 DataServer. The device features two Intel 5300 quad-core processors and high storage density. Aimed at handling Web 2.0, the SB5255 DataServer is platform-independent and has up to 16GB of memory and 24TB of RAID storage capacity. Its open architecture allows the SB5255 DataServer to be a platform for open-source NAS and iSCSI storage.

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