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December 9, 2005 • Vol.27 Issue 49
Page(s) 16 in print issue

Continuous Data Protection With EMC RecoverPoint
Flexible Point In Time Data Recovery

EMC RecoverPoint and Backup Advisor

EMC RecoverPoint: starts around $70,000Backup Advisor: $130 per host

Backup Advisor simplifies the management of the information protection environment; together with RecoverPoint enterprise-level CDP software protection, these products achieve optimal recovery point and recovery time objectives

Data is the lifeblood of business, and every year there is more of it to manage, store, and possibly lose. A company will rise or fall on its ability to recover from the catastrophic loss of applications and data or damage to its databases. With the introduction of EMC’s RecoverPoint software, data can be recovered to any previous point in time quickly; add EMC’s Backup Advisor and you have a powerful data protection package.

RecoverPoint is an application-aware, enterprise-level data protection program that captures data writes as they happen on a production system and duplicates the writes to a designated separate storage location. By writing in parallel, RecoverPoint creates a recovery point whenever a change is made and protects the enterprise from data loss caused by logical corruption or server hardware failures. RecoverPoint provides coordinated recovery of groups of related applications and the ability to restart applications from a specific point in time, affording a simpler and more rapid return to normal operations.

RecoverPoint supports a heterogeneous environment including storage arrays, applications, and operating systems, thereby protecting existing storage investments. However, RecoverPoint is not a standalone product; it requires the EMC Replication Manager Agent to be installed on each host for which you want to provide the RecoverPoint CDP (Continuous Data Protection) defense.

At the initial release, RecoverPoint agents support Solaris 8 and 9 with application integration for Oracle 9i, 10g, UFS, and VxFS and Windows 2003 with application integration for MS SQL Server 2000 and NTFS. Along with the agents, the central RecoverPoint Engine resides on a customer supplied, dedicated Red Hat Linux box and manages the metadata from the RecoverPoint Protection Drivers, facilitating virtualized data restores as needed.

EMC also announced the availability of the EMC Backup Advisor. This product displays information gathered from a heterogeneous backup infrastructure providing a centralized monitoring and management console. Backup Advisor monitors backup processes and can rectify many problems by executing a variety of tasks including advanced fault diagnosis and identification of potential security risks.

One competitor is Tivoli Storage Manager from IBM, which recently added CDP technology to its established software. Also, RecoverPoint and Backup Advisor offer an alternative to Microsoft’s System Center data protection management system, which continuously monitors network health but provides a schedule of backups throughout the day rather than continuous data protection.

by Joe Lazzaro
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